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Company Overview

They were so well received that "MICROGRIT WCA" was the abrasive of

choice for lapping command module windows in the Mercury,

Gemini and Apollo space projects. Combining the best of long established

practice with the most effective of new technologies, Micro has won a

reputation for consistent high product quality and superior customer service.

In addition to its standard product lines in aluminum oxide

(micron and sub-micron sizes), silicon carbide and cerium oxide abrasive

powders, it also offers custom services in the preparation of these powders

to meet special customer requirements. Keys to Micro's success in its chosen

field of specialization are its people, its process methods and its quality control techniques. All of the processes at Micro have been engineered to ensure that uniform quality can be maintained. Mechanization and labor-saving devices have been employed where they are practical and where their application is consistent with the highest quality of abrasive powders. Automation has never been adopted solely for the sake of labor saving, the criterion is always how the process or procedure will affect the product. Quality management at Micro Abrasives blends consistency with the latest innovations in Total Quality.

Our focus on the customer extends to every employee in every stage of production. Achieving registration to ISO 9001 is both a goal and a state in Micro Abrasives' continuous improvement process. If your process uses fine abrasives - in ophthalmic, precision optics, semiconductor, quartz crystal, metals, ceramic or stone lapping - any field where critical surface preparation is the task - you can benefit from the truly unique capabilities and specialized know-how of Micro Abrasives Corporation. Applications engineering assistance and trouble shooting are promptly available by qualified personnel. Find out what it means to become a valued and pampered customer of Micro Abrasives Corporation - the only real "SPECIALISTS IN FINE ABRASIVES".

Located just two miles north of exit 3 off Interstate 90 (Massachusetts Turnpike), in Westfield, Massachusetts, stands the plant and offices of Micro Abrasives Corporation.  Founded in 1957 to specialize in the development and production of quality buffing powders, it rapidly diversified in the early 1960's with its introduction of Microgrit WCA's. These "WATER CLASSIFIED ALUMINAS" offered a unique new approach to lapping in an industry that had not seen change for over 50 years.